VisionRi Train Station Networks

Through a collaboration between VisionRi and the UK rail network, we provide a UK-wide network of smart vending units located at high footfall locations within some of the most prestigious and busy transport hubs.

This is a full engagement platform which includes high-definition LED advertising, onsite point-of-sales, sampling opportunities, and data collection.

We’re looking to partner with brands and products that wish to engage with, sample and deliver to millions of potential clients.

The Train Station Networks

VisionRi is an innovative, market leading retail solution partner that enables brands to showcase their products and engage consumers through pioneering and interactive technologies.


Annual Entries & Exits: 563 Million

Annual Interchanges: 46 Million

Average Annual Footfall: 44 Million

Station Name Station Facility Owner Annual Entries & Exits Annual Interchanges Annual Totals
Blackfriars Thameslink 12,139,538 2,659,638 14,799,176
Cannon Street Network Rail 20,614,904 419,121 21,034,025
Charing Cross Network Rail 30,235,856 578,261 30,814,117
Euston Network Rail 46,146,456 3,775,724 49,922,180
Fenchurch Street c2c 18,507,676 909,441 19,417,117
Kings Cross Network Rail 34,645,924 2,711,284 37,357,208
Liverpool Street Network Rail 69,482,532 3,946,313 73,428,845
London Bridge Network Rail 61,308,364 9,506,040 70,814,404
Marylebone Chiltern Railways 16,146,552 1,328,300 17,474,852
Paddington Network Rail 38,181,588 2,291,135 40,472,723
St Pancras International Network Rail 35,984,204 4,517,641 40,501,845
Victoria Network Rail
74,715,808 5,800,177 80,515,985
Waterloo Network Rail
94,192,690 6,505,658 100,698,348
Waterloo East Southeastern 10,506,762 869,174 11,375,936

Annual Entries & Exits: 155 Million

Annual Interchanges: 49 Million

Average Annual Footfall: 21 Million

Station Name Station Facility Owner Annual Entries & Exits Annual Interchanges Annual Totals
Barking c2c 14,451,652 822,039 15,273,691
Clapham Junction Network Rail 29,520,132 29,324,019 58,844,151
East Croydon Southern 24,769,874 6,367,324 31,137,198
Finsbury Park Great Northern 7,614,996 2,987,609 10,602,605
Lewisham Southeastern 10,325,546 2,633,684 12,959,230
Peckham Rye Southern 7,295,370 2,874,669 10,170,039
Richmond South Western 11,666,916 1,578,103 13,245,019
Surbiton South Western 9,326,392 703,447 10,029,839
Vauxhall South Western 21,009,688 21,009,688
Wimbledon South Western 18,497,284 1,131,377 19,628,661

Annual Entries & Exits: 180 Million

Annual Interchanges: 18 Million

Average Annual Footfall: 20 Million

Station Name Station Facility Owner Annual Entries & Exits Annual Interchanges Annual Totals
Edinburgh Network Rail 23,872,996 1,658,675 25,531,671
Glasgow Central Network Rail 32,797,088 3,748,791 36,545,879
Leeds Network Rail 30,838,554 3,242,403 34,080,957
Liverpool Lime Street Network Rail 14,221,388 2,091,236 16,312,624
Manchester Oxford Road Northern 9,338,352 822,578 10,160,930
Manchester Piccadilly Network Rail 30,251,948 2,522,889 32,774,837
Manchester Victoria Northern 8,949,698 1,169,253 10,118,951
Newcastle North Eastern 8,913,554 376,208 9,289,762
Sheffield East Midlands 9,907,724 1,065,866 10,973,590
York North Eastern 9,990,538 1,034,004 11,024,542

Annual Entries & Exits: 137 Million

Annual Interchanges: 17 Million

Average Annual Footfall: 22 Million

Station Name Station Facility Owner Annual Entries & Exits Annual Interchanges Annual Totals
Birmingham New Street West Midlands 47,927,772 7,073,880 55,001,652
Brighton Southern 17,384,634 1,621,658 19,006,292
Bristol Temple Meads Network Rail 11,367,652 1,453,933 12,821,585
Cambridge Greater Anglia 11,983,320 555,666 12,538,986
Gatwick Airport Gatwick Express 21,225,246 1,687,742 22,912,988
Reading Network Rail 17,080,738 4,142,855 21,223,593
Stansted Airport Greater Anglia 9,773,870 26,348 9,800,218

Network Services

We provide our clients state-of-the-art digital platforms that dramatically improve product placement, consumer engagement, as well as customer acquisition and retention. Whether it be through interactive sampling, engaging display signage or interactive touch screen vending machines.

Point of Sale Promotion


The smart store will enable clients who are trialing products to promote their product on the smart stores 55 inch HD touch screen display.

These POS promotions will be running when the machine is idle mode (1 minute after inactivity) and will provide a perfect platform for raising awareness of the brands.

Product Distribution


Product trialling is an ever-growing area of interest for clients and our platform will provide a facility for unlimited distribution, across the entire rail network. Our Smart Stores are placed within the busiest locations within key train stations within the UK.

Samples will be distributed by simply providing a small amount of information or by completing a micro game. This information will then be provided to our clients for marketing purposes.

Revenue Generation


In addition to the free product facility, select products will be available for purchase through the smart stores. All revenue raised through the sale of the product will be returned straight to brand.

As well as all the added benefits of working with our multifaceted smart store, we provide you an opportunity to earn income on a daily basis from every smart store in your campaign.

Activations & Benefits


By promoting the brand and products in the travel sector, you can directly reach target sectors on a daily basis.


Making the brand and products available from within the station increases the perceived brand validity as compared to conventional sampling. (street side)


Through Sample distribution, direct sales, and gamified activities, brands are able to engage with potential clients.


The state-of-the-art smart stores incorporate 55-inch high-definition screens for incredible branding opportunities.


Through applications, social media, and other platforms we can help brands better understand their customer base through intelligent data collection practices.

VisionRi On-Site Examples

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