Tailored Features

Associate your location with the most cutting-edge technology and allow VisionRi to become the talking point of your business.

The future of vending machines has arrived in VisionRi, allow this attraction to engage your visitors and staff alike through SMART retail, product sampling or social media interaction. Either way, people will be talking about their experience, be aligned with the hype and build positive PR!

Happy Customers

Tailormade solutions to meet the requirements and needs of each venue.

Bring Online Offline

Allow for home delivery of online and out-of-stock purchases on-site.

Venue Information

Provide a portal for visitors to access venue specific information.

Enhanced Experience

Interact and engage with your visitors through our ‘SMART’ solutions.

Potential For Venues

  • WI-FI


Today’s digital signage platforms offer businesses and public sector organizations flexibility, speed and clarity in delivering important information — whether to members of the public who seek services or to employees who must be kept apprised of organizational information.

Through well-planned and executed digital signage, organizations can improve communications in an engaging manner while at the same time saving on labour and making the best possible use of budgets.

Live Info - VisionRi Vending


Wayfinding is more than simply making sure people don’t get lost – it’s an opportunity to successfully interact with visitors or staff and provide targeted information.

State of the art Wayfinding software will allow visitors and staff an easy and effective solution to navigate the most complex of locations. Specific points of interest, shops or emergency routes can be highlighted through engaging, interactive, ground breaking digital technology.

Wayfinding - VisionRi Vending


One of the biggest benefits offered by free Wi-Fi is increased time spent on the premises. The customers are bound to stay longer if they can remain connected.

As many as 62 percent of businesses pointed out that the customers spend more time in their facility or shop if Wi-Fi access is offered. Around 50 percent of customers spend more money as well.

Wifi - VisionRi Vending


The VisionRi is the perfect platform to generate sales without the need for large overheads.  A bespoke marketing strategy to suit your brand’s requirements with the sole aim of driving sales and offering samples will give a boost to new or long-established brands.

In addition, through the 24/7 telemetry alerting to low stock levels, there is no loss of income through downtime.

Revenue - VisionRi Vending


Offer a unique draw to your venue and enhance the visitor experience by offering free product samples via the VisionRi vending machines. From free drinks and beverages to useful gadgets, there’s no limit to the sample options available.

Additionally, reward staff on the go by providing samples from market leading brands throughout your venue.

Sampling - VisionRi Vending


Get online customers back in store by offering an endless range of products that can be purchased on the VisionRi machine and delivered to the customer’s home.

Through the state-of-the-art user interface and eye-catching visuals, VisionRi offers a portal between the venue and digital space, meaning the customers don’t have to choose between one or the other.

Online - VisionRi Vending


VisionRi can directly engage with customers on social media by incentivising the customer to post on their profiles.

From this, the venue gains unique and tailored exposure across social platforms by people who visit the venue. Further amplification is achievable as consumers share their VisionRi experience with their friends, families, colleagues and more.

Social - VisionRi Vending


VisionRi can offer a bespoke games interface relevant to any venue. This new and exciting feature can draw in and entertain visitors, presenting a unique hook to introduce the customers to the other VisionRi features.

Simultaneously, combine the games with sampling and social media to create an interactive, shareable experience whereby products can be won through playing the games, sharing high scores and more.

Games - VisionRi Vending

In Summary

In short, the VisionRi network, directs and informs your visitors and staff, rewards those within your venue through free samples, giveaways and Wi-Fi – whilst enabling you the kudos of pioneering SMART retail in your location or business.

The VisionRi network is connected through a proprietary telemetrics system, meaning they are always fully stocked, never out of service and can be configured to suit your space.

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