Frequently Asked Questions


  • What type of products go in VisionRi units?

    The VisionRi is a fully adaptable vending solution that can handle most products out of the box. Additionally, VisionRi units can be configured for specific products. The VisionRi has a dual zone for chilled and ambient products.

  • Can I stock VisionRi units with my own products?

    Yes, all our units can be stocked with almost all products.

  • Can you store hot and cold food in it?

    No, we are working on future units that can vend hot food, however, at the moment our units have dual zone chilling facility.

  • Can you see the products before purchasing?

    All products are 3D modelled so that the customer can see all round the product prior to purchasing.

Locations & Settings

  • Are VisionRi machines waterproof?


  • Can VisionRi machines be placed outside?


  • Are there portable VisionRi vending machines?

    All our units are portable.

  • What type of floor surface can VisionRi units sit on?

    The VisionRi needs to be located on a level hard surface. However, if the unit is required for events, we can provide a suitable hard standing to locate the unit on to.

Stock Management

  • How do I adjust the pricing?

    This is very simple as prices can be altered via the online portal in real time.

  • How do I add new products?

    The online portal acts as a gateway to the VisionRi allowing all parameters to be altered remotely.

  • What security is in place to prevent theft of products and money?

    The VisionRi holds no cash and therefore tends to be unattractive to any would be thieves.


  • What colours can the machine wrapping be?

    The VisionRi machines can be wrapped in any colour, branding or graphic design.

  • Can you adjust the screen brightness?


  • Can you customise the screen layout, background and branding?

    The colour scheme and layout of the units can be made to suit whatever requirement they are intended for, therefore sitting in any environment harmoniously.


  • How are fragile products dispensed?

    The VisionRi employs a motor-driven delivery system to ensure the most fragile of products are delivered in pristine condition.

  • How do the units connect to the internet?

    The VisionRi can connect to the internet either wireless or through a hardwired network connection.

  • Do VisionRi units need to be connected to the internet?

    Yes, due to the payment system our units do require internet access.

  • How much power does a VisionRi unit require?

    The VisionRi runs on 240V utilising a standard 3 pin socket. The Main power consumption of the Unit is the refrigeration system which draws 750 Watts.

  • How big are VisionRi units?

    The VisionRi unit stand is 1.8 meters tall and a footprint of 1×1 meter.


  • What if customers can’t reach the top of the touch-screen?

    The VisionRi is a market leader in disability access and as a result has been configured that at a simple touch of the screen the products change position so that all customers can reach their desired selection.

  • What type of payment methods do VisionRi units accept?

    VisionRi is a market leader in cashless payment systems and therefore does not accept coins but instead accepts all major credit cards, iPay, PayPal.

  • How do you turn off VisionRi units?

    The Unit can be turned off simply by removing the power, this is due to the solid-state engine within that will not be damaged under hard shutdown conditions.

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